Brand Design

A no-nonsense definition of brand design.

The brand you can see

Items associated with your business, such as your brand name, logo, website or brochure, are all part of the brand you can see.

Achieving a strong brand image

A well designed brand presents the same general image of your business across all branded items. All items look like they belong together. So whatever item your customer sees (sometimes known as ‘customer touchpoints’), the same, consistent brand image is reinforced. This strengthens your brand image.

Looking different in a crowded marketplace

A major benefit to having a strong brand identity is that it makes you look different from your competitors. A well designed brand, through building a strong brand image and instilling trust, will ensure that your business is perceived as being better than your competitors.

The brand in your mind

Your brand is also one of lots of things in people’s heads.

When someone sees your brand, the idea of it in their mind is updated according to the experience they’ve had.

If people see a consistent brand communicating positive messages about your business, no matter what branded item they’re looking at, the idea of your brand they keep in their head will be updated in a positive way. This builds credibility and trust.

However, if they see an item that looks like it should belong to your brand, but is somehow inconsistent, or is simply poorly designed, then the idea of your brand will be updated in a negative way. This erodes credibility and trust.

 brand design heads

If you would like to read more about branding, the Design Council has written this brilliant article.

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