Brand Design

I create brand identities for my clients that help them to stand out in often crowded markets. I help them to visually and verbally communicate benefits and reasons that help their prospective customers choose their product or service over and above their competitors. Finally, the brands I create are memorable, helping my clients to stay at the top of their customer’s minds.

Who I design brands for

start up business

Start ups

I create brand identities that enable start ups to compete in even the most crowded marketplace. I design economical marketing materials, such as simple websites and basic sets of communications, that allow the start up to test their product or service in the marketplace whilst keeping costs low.


Existing businesses

I help existing businesses in a number of ways, including refreshing a brand to meet the demands of a changing marketplace, bringing together disparate and inconsistent marketing communications into a cohesive brand system and redesigning a brand when there is a takeover or merger.



I design personal brands to help people’s business’s succeed. I help them to understand what values they stand for and how they can apply them as benefits to their businesses. I also create effective sets of marketing materials, such as a logo, website, brochure and business card.

How I design brands

brand design 1

Establish a Brand Position

To make sure the brands I create are effective, and ultimately successful, I start by gaining an understanding of their position in the marketplace. This informs us of what other brands consumers are going to compare ours to when they’re deciding which product or service to use.

brand design 2

Design the Brand Identity

Once we know against whom our brand is going to compete against for our customer’s attention, we can create a brand identity that will be effective in engaging our audience. This is done by creating a minimum of three brand concepts for you to choose from. Each concept consists of a set of marketing materials, such as the brand name, logo design, website design, packaging design, social media graphics, stationery, leaflets, packaging and brochures.

brand design 3

Develop the Brand Identity

I develop your set of marketing materials based on discussions with you or your team. This involves emails, phone calls and face to face discussions about ongoing design iterations of each item. Once everyone is happy, they can be signed off ready for production. A typical set of branded items, with a consistent look and feel, ready for production, will look something like this:

brand design 4

Produce and Deliver

Finally, the items are ready to produce. I test and launch websites, create print ready artwork for the printer and deliver all requested files (such as logo variants and brand guidelines), to you, the client.

“We were very impressed by Graham’s thorough and professional approach throughout. He grasped what we wanted quickly and presented us with a range of options in a discursive way so as to involve us in the process. This resulted in a great end product.”

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