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There are millions of people offering logo design, so why choose me?

I create logos that are memorable

I design iconic logos that are simple and stay in people’s minds.

For a logo design to be as memorable as possible you need two things. Simplicity and a strong idea. The more simple the design the easier it is for people to hold it in their mind. And to make sure it stays in their memory, you need a strong idea.

A strong idea (or even better a witty one), wins time from your audience. It invites participation and engages people. It gives a reward making people feel good. They feel clever that they’ve understood it. This forms a bond with your customer. And, most importantly, when you put all this together, it is memorable.

Like this:

  1. Mind Rocket Illustrations that make people think
  2. Lafferty Grove Builders of aspirational homes
  3. Chilli Power A potent African chilli sauce
  4. Photonworks Audio visual agency, making bright ideas work
  5. Alpha Investigations Private detective
  6. The MacGuffin Project A game based on the story of an evil mechanical force taking over a carnival

logo design reason 2

I create logos that are versatile

The logos I create work across everything. From business cards, brochures and websites to vehicles, shop fronts and clothing.

The key to this versatility is simplicity. I strip away the unnecessary and streamline the design. A simple logo design will work in the most challenging situations and be more easily remembered.

logo design reason 3

I create logos that are timeless

I ask myself, “Will this logo design still be relevant in a year? Will it still look strong in 10 years?”. I won’t let a logo design leave my studio unless the answer is an unequivocal “Yes”.

Find out more secrets of great logo design

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