Plantation Reserve
Logo design, packaging design, website design, animated explainer video design

Plantation Reserve produces the world’s finest cane sugar in a way that has a positive and sustainable impact on the local economy.

I created and developed the entire brand together with the story of how the sugar is grown, how it is naturally refined and traditionally milled, and how it has a positive and sustainable impact on the local economy of Barbados.

I designed the logo, website, full range of packaging and animated explainer video to bring the brand to life.

“The video captured the children’s complete attention. Many thanks again.”

Keriann Maynard-Browne

Brand Guidelines
Brand Guidelines
“The Plantation Reserve brand has gone down a storm in Barbados as well as with the management team at the sugar factory. They have put the pictures on the staff noticeboard and say they are proud to be associated with such a great looking product.”

Andrew Mackay, Managing Director, Plantation Reserve