There are hundreds of people specialising in graphic design, so why choose me?

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I’m a person, not an agency.

From your first phone call you will be talking to me. Not Barbara in accounts, George on work experience or Daniel the office dog. I’m not an agency and I don’t have a dog.

I’m just like a graphic design agency, and I provide exactly the same services as a graphic design agency. It’s just that it’s easier to talk directly to the head honcho. Because I’ll be answering the phone every time you call.

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I’m reliable.

If we agree on something I will do it. My years of experience in managing graphic design projects from the first client meeting and presentation of ideas through to final artwork and delivery, means that I never miss a deadline and have learnt to over deliver at every stage.

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Happy Clients.

Don’t take my word for it, read theirs:

“Graham is a fast, very creative, outstanding designer. Everything he works on looks fantastic from concepts to artwork. Worth every penny! 5 stars!”

Amanda Smith, Creative Services Manager, Bournemouth University

“I would personally recommend Graham to anyone who wants to develop a successful and effective brand.”

Chris Docherty, Managing Director, Windward

“Graham is a talented creative who is able to deliver strong ideas and aesthetics. His work is always intelligently considered.”

Marcel Knobil, Chair, Creative and Commercial


Over the years I have steadily built up a reputation for being reliable, skilled and delivering graphic design solutions that achieve my client’s goals. Here are some people who are currently taking advantage of me:

my graphic design clients

I have proof, dammit.

I have a degree in graphic design. I worked as a designer in London for 15 years with clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Lloyds, Viacom and BP. I help tonnes of people communicate effectively with their audiences, including Upton Country Park and Bournemouth University.

Website design

I’ve designed a lot of websites. These are just a few examples. Whether you need a simple show and tell website, informing people of what you do, or you require something bigger, involving selling products and attracting customers, get in touch for an informal chat, browse the following examples or read a little more about my website design services.

Or find out more about what makes an effective website by reading my article on effective websites.

Logo design

I’m a professional logo designer and I design logos that are memorable, distinctive and timeless.

Read more about my logo design here.

Or discover more about what makes a great logo by reading my article, Five ingredients of an effective business logo design.

Brand design

Yep. The whole bit. Logo, website, brochure, bottom tattoo. I do it all. Except that last bit. I just put that in to wake you up. I’ll even do you a set of brand guidelines that you can dutifully ignore and then wonder why your brand has become crap because you dutifully ignored my brand guidelines. Here are some that I’ve done all by myself:

Packaging design

Packaging design? Yes, I do that too. But I’m now losing the will to live. And you probably need to get back to work, have an important meeting or want to eat a nice piece of cake. So, here are some packaging things I’ve done:


That as well? Is there nothing this guy doesn’t do? Well yes, there’s plenty I don’t do. I don’t sing, dance or wear my pants on the outside of my trousers. But I do do pretty pictures. Have a gander why don’t you:

Get in touch

If you have a design project, or you need some design help, get in touch.

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