One Cat Farm
Website design

One Cat Farm is a tiny camp site, set in a hidden valley, in West Wales.

I was asked to create a website that visually conveyed the emotional joys to be had from a special camping experience in the wild. It also had to be distinct from their local competitors, engaging for visitors and have a quirky edge.

None of the local competitors used photography in a way that was particularly engaging. This coupled with the fact that Jessie (the client), had a veritable library of great photographs of the site, lead me to a concept that featured header images that were full screen. By reducing the menu to a small icon and keeping other elements to a minimum, we let the photographs do all the work in engaging the viewer and conveying the shear beauty of the camp site.

Through a combination of wood and torn paper textures and hand printed typography (printing blocks and ink pilfered from Jessie’s daughter when she wasn’t looking), I created a rustic, quirky look and feel that conveyed the natural aspect of the site as well as the quirky personalities of the owners.