Tommy Hilfiger Denim
In Store Brochure Design, Showcards and Postcards and PR Promotional Pack

Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Hilfiger Denim are international, iconic fashion brands.

For this European campaign, they required a set of marketing materials that would transform their usual brand image. They needed something that would move them away from the usual use of a large Tommy Hilfiger logo on a clean white background.

To add depth and intrigue, we decided to tell the story of Tommy Hilfiger himself, using historical imagery such as photos and flyers from his very first store, The People’s Place, through to funky illustrations and musical influences like David Bowie.

We also created painted illustrations and mixed in model photoshoots that used washed out images of New York as backdrops. To retain a consistency with Tommy Hilfiger we used their classical colour palette of red, white and blue throughout.

We created several items through which to tell this story including a brochure to be given away in their flagship stores, point of sale showcards and postcards. A nostalgic PR promotional pack which featured a contemporary version of the old 3D Viewfinder complete with slide cards, which we renamed Tommy View, provided an engaging way to get the press interested.