Packaging Design

Packaging design should stand out on shelf to help the audience locate it quickly amongst the competition. It then needs to work hard at conveying the right information, in the right way, engaging the customer and letting them know that this is the product they should choose. Finally, appealing to their emotions will ensure your product finds a place in their hearts and minds, making sure it is remembered.

Ingredients I put into packaging design

packaging design brand design

Brand Design

Through the packaging design (and sometimes together with supporting materials such as website design), I create and design a strong brand. This enables the product to compete in even the most overcrowded market. It also helps to engage customers and helps them to pick our product instead of a generic equivalent.

packaging design the big idea

The Big Idea

By incorporating one big idea, whether it’s witty, clever or sophisticated, helps to engage customers by inviting them to take part in something, winning their attention and valuable time. It can form a strong connection with your audience, ensuring your product and brand are remembered.

packaging design stand out

Shelf Stand Out

Shelf stand out is vital for any product to survive in a sometimes crowded market. I make sure every piece of packaging I design achieves this by firstly examining the products it will be sitting next to on the shelf, and secondly making sure the product’s unique selling proposition is communicated clearly.

packaging design communication

Clear Communication

It’s vitally important to clearly communicate the benefits your product offers, especially if those benefits provide unique brand or product attributes. Whether it’s health benefits, environmental credentials or organic status, the packaging should reflect these aspects in a concise and engaging way.

packaging design emotional pull

Emotional Pull

By communicating an aspect of the product, or the product’s brand identity, that gets customers engaged on an emotional level, helps the brand to become truly memorable. Whether it’s nostalgic, caring or joyous, evoking an emotional response is a powerful way to get into the hearts and minds of your customers.

packaging design targeting


The packaging needs to talk to your customer in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them. To do this, I examine the target audience to get a clear understanding of what drives them to make a purchase. Understanding why your particular customer makes a purchase enables us to create effective, enticing packaging.

How I design packaging

brand design 1


The first step is to meet up over a coffee and talk about your particular product. During this meeting I can gather the information I need, such as your intended market position (is it value for money or premium, for example?), your target audience, what makes your product unique, who your competitors are and the emotional angle we can adopt.


brand design 2

Packaging Design

Having gathered all the information I need, I go back to my studio to begin the design process. I work on creating three packaging design concepts, each one incorporating all the right ingredients as mentioned above. Once the concepts are ready, we can meet up for a coffee once again so I can present them to you. You can choose your favourite design and I will note down any comments and feedback that I can use in the next stage.


brand design 3

Packaging Design Development

This stage is very much a collaboration between you and I, whereby I develop and present design iterations, each one getting closer and closer to the final design. This gives you plenty of opportunity to make changes and adjustments throughout the development process.


brand design 4


Once the final design has been signed off, I can move on to producing the print ready artwork. I am very flexible when it comes to working with printers. I can either work with a printer of your choosing or use one of the many printers I have gotten to know over the years. I can manage the entire printing process on your behalf or I can simply hand over the print ready artwork. Either way, you will end up with a great result, like this:


packaging design 5


Once the packaging has been printed I can offer ongoing support and advice. Whether it’s to put you in touch with a sales expert or to help you with the design of other marketing materials such as a website design. Myself or one of my colleagues will always be here Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 and contactable over weekends via email.


“The Plantation Reserve brand has gone down a storm in Barbados as well as with the management team at the sugar factory. They have put the pictures on the staff noticeboard and say they are proud to be associated with such a great looking product.”

Andrew Mackay, Managing Director, Plantation Reserve

Some packaging designs I’ve created

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