The following five factors go into the design of all effective websites

1. Engage your audience

A website design that engages your audience means your customers will listen to you.

The content on your website should work hard to attract and engage your website visitors. Images and text need to be presented in an interesting way whilst staying within your brand’s tone of voice.

2. Effective websites have effective content

Effective content communicates the right message in a tone of voice appropriate for your brand.

Communicating the right message to your customers is critical to a successful website design. You need to make sure your copy is up to date and tells them why they should choose you and not your competitors. Do you need to tell them about your superior expertise? Your exceptional delivery methods or returns policies? What’s the best way to tell people?

3. Search Engine Optimisation

Your website needs to be discoverable by people searching for it. Make sure all images, written content, structure, speed and performance are optimised. There are a lot of individual factors that can be adjusted but thankfully there are plugins these days that do make the job much easier than it used to be. Otherwise ask an expert.

4. Mobile Optimised

People are looking at websites more and more on mobile devices. In fact, the use of mobile devices to access the internet overtook PCs a couple of years ago. And the use of smartphones in this way is increasing all the time. Therefore it is essential that your website design is optimised for all screen sizes, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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5. Play it safe and invest in an expert

Good design is more than the website build.

Pretty much anyone can build a website these days. But to design a website well, in terms of layout, imagery, usability, search engine optimisation, tone of voice and branding, you need an expert.


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