business logo design

For your logo design to be effective, you need to be aware of the points outlined in this article.

Achieve these five key aspects in your design and you will have an effective logo for your brand.

Make it Memorable

A memorable logo is easily recalled when people are searching for your product or service.

Top of mind

A memorable logo will have a strong presence in the mind of existing and potential customers, so much so that they will easily recall your brand when they are after your product or service.

This is particularly important as people never want what you have to offer right here, right now. But they may want to purchase at some point in the future. And when they do, you want them to recall your brand.

For a logo design to be as memorable as possible you need to incorporate an idea.

An idea (or even better a witty idea), wins time from your audience. It invites participation and engages people. It gives a reward making people feel good. They feel clever that they’ve understood it. This forms a bond with your customer. And, most importantly, it is memorable.

Make it simple

A simple logo design is easier to keep in the mind. An overly complex logo is hard to understand and difficult to remember.

Strip away the unnecessary

In a logo design, as with many design projects, once you have the idea, you need to strip away everything that is not communicating that idea. And once you’ve done this, you should minimise the design further and leave just enough so your audience will still be able to get the idea.

Streamlining the design in this way ensures you end up with a design that is sophisticated, slick, professional and yet still conveys the right message.

Make it versatile

A versatile logo will work well across a wide variety of printed and digital media.

Be prepared

A very good reason to have a logo design that is versatile and can work pretty much anywhere, is that you don’t always know where it’s going to appear. You may be asked to sponsor an event whereby your logo appears on various pieces of communication. You might create some sort of uniform where there are limitations to the detail that can be achieved with stitching your logo onto a polo shirt.

But if your logo is versatile, you can relax in the knowledge that it will indeed work in most places.

What makes a logo versatile?

As previously described, one feature of a flexible logo is simplicity. The detailing of a logo with a complex or intricate design will get lost when the logo is reproduced at a small size, or if the print method will not allow such detail, such as stitching.

Avoidance of gradients, either in colour or grey scale, is another important consideration. If there is a gradient involved, you must make sure there is a version of the logo that can work without it. Gradients will not be reproducible in certain printing methods, such as screen printing or block printing.

Make it timeless

Your logo design needs to stand the test of time. It should be just as relevant in ten years from now.

Not just a follower of fashion

Fashions come and go. The relevance of your logo should not. Be careful not to simply follow the latest design trends when creating your logo. Design trends are just that, trends. Whatever styles in logo design people are talking about right now, are not necessarily the same styles that will be on trend in a couple of years time.


An effective method of making sure a logo design remains looking timeless, is to refresh it every so often. The time between iterations is usually around 5 to 15 years.

Make it relevant

Good logo design is relevant to both the intended audience and marketplace.

Relevant to your audience

You need to understand your audience in terms of their demographic, culture and visual symbolism. Having an in depth knowledge of these factors means you can design your logo so it’s relevant to your audience.

Relevant to your marketplace

Research your competitors. Look at their logos, how they use it, what they are communicating. You need your logo to be unique, especially alongside your competitor’s logo. Make sure you are communicating something unique. But above all, make sure it communicates something relevant to your audience.

The power of relevance

Chilli Power is the brand name I created for a chilli sauce in Zimbabwe. Research showed us that the idea of strength is at the heart of Zimbabwean family culture. So I incorporated this idea, together with an African aesthetic, into the name and logo. An engaging strap line challenges, thereby engaging, the viewer.

Since introducing the brand to various markets throughout Africa, they have seen their branded revenue increase from $80k to $518.

chilli sauce brand design


Sure, logo design is an art-form, but it’s also a science. An effective logo will communicate the right messages and become a strong visual ambassador for your brand. It’s vital you get it right. Contact an expert today.