I’ve always been a champion of incorporating ideas into communications. It’s like hiding a secret ready for someone in the audience to discover. Logo designs are a simple way to illustrate what I mean. Some ideas are immediately obvious like this logo I designed for African chilli¬† sauce brand, Chilli Power:

chilli sauce brand design

It’s important to note that too, that the idea should also communicate the appropriate message. For example, in the Chilli Power example above, the concept of strength is conveyed. This is because according to our market research into our target consumer (a low-income mother of two teenage boys living in Zimbabwe), it was discovered that an important benefit they sought when considering a purchase of chilli sauce, was that it would give their children strength.

Others take a little more effort on the part of the audience. However, the more effort someone puts in, the greater the psychological pay-off. Take this logo I designed for private detective agency Alpha Investigations for instance:

It takes just a few seconds more before the penny drops. Again, it also communicates an appropriate message by illustrating an aspect of what they do: investigation.

You can read more about the kind of logos I design on my logo design page.

The benefits of ideas for brands

I like to harness ideas in communications not just because they make my job more challenging and more exciting (although that is why I got interested in them in the first place), but because they are powerful in helping the brands I design to be remembered by my client’s customers. “But how?” I hear you ask. Well, let’s list exactly what ideas, and wit, can do:

  1. It invites the audience to take part in something, winning attention and customer’s valuable time.
  2. It puts a smile on your audience’s face, putting them in a positive frame of mind at the exact moment they are experiencing your brand.
  3. It makes them feel clever for getting the idea, again, putting them in a positive frame of mind.
  4. It gets people on side. If it makes them smile it means you’ve just formed a strong connection with your audience.
  5. It helps you to gain the very valuable asset of a place in your customer’s memory.
  6. It can provide a defining aspect of your brand that helps it to stand above your market competitors.


For your brand, ideas can help to beat competitors, engage consumers and ensure you win a place in your audience’s hearts and minds. They can be used to define your brand in a way that helps customers choose you over an equivalent product or service. Ideas are, well, a very good idea.