How to grow your business

In this article, I’ll show you how you can use design to help to grow your business. I have identified five key areas where utilising design can have a big impact on business growth.


Design can be leveraged in many ways to help you to grow your business. From securing a place in your customer’s mind to simply freeing up time to concentrate on your business, you can utilise design to make sure your brand becomes a success.

1. Become memorable

Being remembered, and recalled, by existing and potential customers will help your business grow.

Keep it simple

The more simple the communication, the easier it is to remember and recall.

Well designed communications strip away the unnecessary to leave clear, concise messages that speak directly to your customers.

Staying top of mind

The more memorable your brand, the more likely it is for people to keep it at the top of their minds. This means that when they are ready to use, or buy, your product or service, your brand will be the first relevant one they will recall.

Increase word of mouth sales

Because it’s top of mind, your brand will more easily become the subject of conversation. Word will spread more easily, helping your brand to grow.

2. Build trust and credibility

A consistent brand will build trust and credibility with existing and potential customers, helping your business to thrive.


A well designed brand will have a consistent look and feel across all items associated with the brand, whether it’s the website, a business card or a company brochure.

If people see a consistent brand communicating positive messages about your business, no matter what branded item they’re looking at, the idea of your brand they keep in their head will be updated in a positive way. This builds credibility and trust.

An ill conceived brand will have inconsistencies across marketing materials. These inconsistencies will jar with the customer and lead them to question why this item looks different to that item. This situation will erode trust and credibility.

“Good design can be expensive. But it’s pennies compared to the cost of bad design.”

3. Communicating your competitive edge

A competitive edge helps your business to stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

Clarify your competitive edge

You can use design to communicate your competitive edge clearly to your customers. Having it communicated clearly across all of your customer touch points, whether it’s your shop, website, event, brochure or facebook page, means that your existing and potential customers are constantly being reminded why the should choose you and not your competitor.

Make sure your customers know about it

It may be a generous returns policy, a guarantee, free delivery, free trial or even a product or service that only you are licensed to offer, whatever your competitive edge is, design can help you to make sure that your customers know about it.

4. Winning new customers and markets

Retaining customers, winning new ones and positioning your product or service ready to move into new markets, will help your business expand.

Customer Retention

There’s no sense growing your business if you’re losing current ones. So customer retention is very important. Design can help you do this by keeping your brand relevant and ahead of your competitors. For example you could refresh your website and marketing materials in response to a competitor’s marketing campaign.

Reaching new customers

If you identify customer needs that are not being met, you can use design to either redesign or create
a new product or service. This can then be communicated to potential customers through intelligently designed marketing materials, packaging or online campaigns.

Moving into new markets

You can also expand into completely new markets, for example, expanding into a different
country. Different markets will have different rules and regulations, demographics and competition. Design can help you to meet the challenges these differences bring and ensure you maximise your chances of success.

5. Making time to grow

Handing over design tasks to a professional will free up your time to concentrate on growing your business.

Time to talk to customers

More time means you can talk to current customers. Find out how they’re doing, what they need,
what they like about your product or service, or, perhaps more importantly what they don’t like.

Time to research new markets

Take the time to look into new markets, locally or internationally. Look into expanding your current market. Research markets for opportunities for your product or service.

Time to grow your business

More time talking to customers and looking into new markets will help you to grow your business significantly. Knowing what your customers need and how other markets work, you will be able to develop your product or service in a way that will enhance its chances of success in new markets.


There are many ways you can use design to grow your business. By concentrating on one at a time you will soon start to see results.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest other ways you have grown your business, please leave your comments below.

Further help and advice on how you to grow your business

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