what is hosting

What is hosting? In this article, I’m going to explain exactly what website hosting is in a way that doesn’t get too technical.


In a nutshell, the simple answer to what is hosting can be that it is a computer called a server, where your website lives. Or, to be more precise, the server is where all of the files associated with your website are kept.

Different types of web hosting

There are several types of hosting, each one serving a slightly different purpose. The type that is suitable for your particular website will depend on what you require. I’m going to list the thee main ones and briefly describe what kind of business, or website, they would suit.

Shared web hosting

This is where a hosting provider will host your website along with other people’s websites on one server.

The benefit of this type of hosting is that it keeps costs very low, prices typically starting at around £3 per month.

Although perfectly adequate for most blogs or small business websites, the downside to this type of hosting is that if you, or someone else on the same shared server, gets quite a lot of visitors to your site it could slow everything down.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Hosting on a Virtual Private Server is where there is one server, but you get a certain amount of dedicated space on it. The benefit here is that you are in control of your hosting accounts size and speed.

You also get more control over other technical aspects of your server, such as programmes it’s running. This is great for optimising your website if you know what you’re doing, but beware that if you don’t know what you’re doing you could accidentally delete critical files and bring your website down.

VPS hosting costs more, obviously, with prices starting at around £10 per month.

If speed is important to your website and you have a fairly large site and/or business, then a Virtual Private Server should suit your requirements.

Dedicated Server

This is pretty much what it says it is. Your own server, just for you. This means you have the huge benefit of having the maximum amount of control over your website. This includes having the ability to maximise speed and security, as you’re not sharing the server with anyone else in any capacity.

The only slight downside is cost, as a dedicated server will typically start at around £70 per month.


There are other forms of web hosting (for example some hosting companies offer Managed VPS hosting, whereby you get all the benefits of a VPS without the hassle of having to carry out regular upgrades, maintenance and backups), but the three main ones listed above should give you a better understanding of what type of hosting is suitable for your business.

Further help and advice on web hosting

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What kind of web hosting do you use and why?

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