As with any project there are several stages of a branding project. Here I will outline the stages I go through with my clients. Although these stages can change or move around to some extent, depending on the details of each project.

Stage 0: Client Enquiry and Questionnaire

A client will get in touch and I will send them a questionnaire about their intended project.

Stage 1: Initial Meeting followed by T’s & C’s and Deposit

A face to face meeting with the client to discuss the project and all of its details (or a Skype call if face to face isn’t possible). This is an information gathering exercise whereby I want to find out details of the client and their branding project. Details such as as the background and context, motivations, goals, previous experience of working with designers or design agencies, brand positioning, design likes and dislikes, intended audiences and what tangible items need designing, both digital (such as a website) and printed. I will also ask about the future marketing strategy to assess the possible ongoing relationship as well as the need to produce a set of brand guidelines.

I will usually end the meeting by asking the client to produce two Pinterest boards: one of logos they love and one of logos they hate.

An invoice for a 50% deposit of the project cost, together with Terms and Conditions, is sent to the client.

Stage 2: Research and Brief

After payment is received for the deposit, I will gather together all the information I have from the initial meeting. I examine all of this information in detail and if necessary I will conduct further research into markets, audiences and competitors. If one has not been produced by the client beforehand, I will put together a brief. This will include all the details of the project including:

  • project background
  • project details
  • deliverables
  • tone of voice
  • anything to be incorporated into the design
  • anything that must not be included
  • brand positioning
  • market positioning
  • audience
  • production criteria
  • deadlines

Stage 3: Initial Ideas, Concepts and/or Mood boards

I will design initial ideas, concepts and/or mood boards that roughly answer the brief. The key here is to design concepts or mood boards that are quite different from each other. This will enable a more productive discussion of what is felt to be working, what is not and what direction the design should go in next. These ideas and/or mood boards are worked up into a suitable presentation that can be viewed on screen.

Stage 4: Initial Presentation

If possible, it is important that the initial presentation is conducted face to face. As much understanding between designer and client is had via body language as it is via the spoken word. It’s this understanding between designer and client that is crucial to the success of every design project.

The initial branding concepts and/or mood boards are shown on screen. A discussion is had about the ideas and which one is felt to be the most suitable solution for the overall branding project. If none are quite right then a discussion can be had about why each is not suitable.

Whatever the outcome of the initial presentation, I will make sure that both parties go away with a clear idea of the necessary next stage developments that need to happen to ensure the design process heads in the right direction.

Stage 5: Design Development

The development of the design(s) now becomes more fluid. When developments reach a suitable stage, they are emailed over to the client for feedback. Changes are made and emailed again. This process is ongoing until the final design is agreed upon.

Stage 6: Delivery and/or Handover

All artwork is supplied in the required file formats, printed materials are produced and delivered, the use of content management systems of websites are taught and websites are launched.


As mentioned earlier, these stages are an indication only and can change depending on the details and requirements of each individual project.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a particular project you wish to discuss.