There are hundreds of graphic designers out there, millions in fact.
A lot of them are crap. I’m not. Here’s why.

I have a real degree.

I have a genuine degree in graphic design. I have not forged a certificate, bought one from Thailand or used a £50 coupon from the back of OK magazine promising to make me into a professional graphic designer in just five weeks.

I’m a person, not an agency.

From your first phone call you will be talking to me. Not Barbara in accounts, George on work experience or Daniel the office dog (he’s a spaniel). I’m not an agency and I don’t have a dog.

I’m reliable.

If we agree on something I will do it. I won’t make up some ridiculous excuse like the dog ate my project. I don’t have a dog. Did you even read point number two?

Happy Clients.

I know because they tell me. And one of them is a university and they’re really clever because they’re a university so they must know what they’re talking about. Don’t take my word for it, read theirs. Here’s what some of my clients almost definitely said at some point:

“Loving what you have done.”

Amanda Smith, Creative Services Manager, Bournemouth University
(talking about a brochure design, not my hair)

“I would personally recommend Graham to anyone who wants to develop a successful and effective brand.”

Chris Docherty, Managing Director, Windward (I did not pay him to say this)

“Pretty standard. Nothing special.”

Someone talking about my hair. Probably my Mum

“Not as shit as I thought it would be.”

Chris Docherty, Managing Director, Windward (talking about someone else’s design)

“Spot on. It’s just what I asked for. A great cup of tea.”

My Dad


That’s correct. I’m trusted by my clients. And that’s because I don’t dick around when they ask me to do something. I do it. Some will ask me to design a potentially award winning and sophisticated infographic, others will ask me to make sure I only use this mug and make sure it’s weak, plenty of milk. Doesn’t matter how ridiculous the instruction, I will obey. Here’s some people who are currently taking advantage of me:

I have proof, dammit.

Website design

I’ve done a lot of website design. These are just some of them. I could do some website designing for you if you like. Or not. Whatever. I don’t really mind either way. If you do then brilliant, you get a lovely, spangly, shiny new website and I get some of your lovely cash. If you don’t then whoopee, more time for me to sit on the sofa and watch meaningless trash on Netflix. Whatever, here’s some I’ve done:

Brand design

Yep. The whole bit. Logo, website, brochure, bottom tattoo. I do it all. Except that last bit. I just put that in to wake you up. I’ll even do you a set of brand guidelines that you can dutifully ignore and then wonder why your brand has become crap because you dutifully ignored my brand guidelines. Here are some that I’ve done all by myself:

Packaging design

Packaging design? Yes, I do that too. But I’m now losing the will to live. And you probably need to get back to work, have an important meeting or want to eat a nice piece of cake. So, here are some packaging things I’ve done:


That as well? Is there nothing this guy doesn’t do? Well yes, there’s plenty I don’t do. I don’t sing, dance or wear my pants on the outside of my trousers. But I do do pretty pictures. Have a gander why don’t you:

Who am I?

I’m a highly experienced graphic designer with a handful of happy clients and a decidedly uninteresting haircut.

If you have a design project, or your team need some design help because they’re struggling under the shear amount of crap you keep throwing at them, get in touch.

Call 07793 317018 or put some words in these boxes and watch them disappear at the click of a button.

And for crying out loud, don’t worry about giving me your email address. I will never send you any spam. Unless you’re very, very hungry.