I’m a graphic designer living and working in Bournemouth.

I help my client’s products and services stand out from the crowd. Through intelligent, well thought out design I enable them to communicate with their audience in a way that is engaging, relevant and easily understood. And I do this for people all over the world, from London and Bournemouth to Africa, The West Indies and the United States.


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Website design

I design websites to make my clients stand out from the competition with a unique and look and feel. They are easy to update, simple to navigate and engaging to customers. Read more about website design.


Brand design

I’ve been designing and developing brands all over the world for more than 15 years. I make sure the brands I design are effective, create the right image in customers minds and are consistent across all communications. Read more about brand design.


Packaging design

Brilliant packaging design is much more than stand out on shelf. I help my clients communicate the right message in a way that engages their customers. Read more about packaging design.



I’m always after the Big Idea. I love communications that ask the audience to work something out. It’s those penny drop moments that can really engage people in a positive way. And I use my illustrations to explore this aspect of design. Read more about my illustration.


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